Barkha Dutt and Nidhi Razdan are worst TV journalists in India

It’s a tie –

Barkha Dutt and Nidhi Razdan are the worst journalists in India. I find their specious arguments devious, an insult to journalism. Their biases make it too obvious that they are stooges for the Congress party. But thanks to the internet, their deceits are there for the world to see, and for people to judge independently. In fact, I googled to check the validity of my observations, and find myself in the company of many. One particular site – Mediacrooks , has done a commendable job. In fact, both Dutt and Razdan rank consistently in their list of worst journalists. Also, simply google “mediacrooks” and watch some of the video snippets on YouTube. You will see my point.

It is extremely important for people to be aware of who the media houses are working for. Certainly not for you and me. They don’t speak the whole truth, & most certainly do not care about the well being of India or its people. They are in the business of manufacturing dissent(to borrow the opposite connotation of Mr. Chomsky’s book), paid for by Congress power brokers, and the self-serving interests of their channel.

But, to end on a humorous note, here’s an American take on paid media in India –


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