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A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth: A verse in its honour

Here’s rhyme dedicated to Vikram Seth’s mangum opus that I recently concluded. Honestly, the last three lines are more for the sake of the poem and do not refelct my actual feelings. Though managing such a bulky(and mine was hard-bound) book is irksome(just think of carrying around outdoors), one does get used to it.

A fine novel you have, Mr. Seth,

at times it does take away my breath

just wondering of its very size.

I must say it is extremely wise

to bring to life such rich characters,

leaders, idlers, bards and barristers.

Through people, culture, trades and cities,

astute comments and subtle witties

you prove yourself a gifted writer.

But if only the book was shorter

I could wield the work with bit more ease

So next time could you shorten it please?



© 2007 mystic-wanderer